Chris Kasmikha

Sales Manager

Chris Kasmikha has been in the Mortgage Industry since 2011 and has been successful in all channels of residential lending, (Banking, Broker, Wholesale and Direct). His background has led to his success as a Branch Manager because of his demand to obtain results. His drive and determination are what quickly positioned him to be one of the top Mortgage Professionals in the industry. Countless borrowers can attest to his knowledge and expertise of the industry. This is especially evident during times when there seems to be no options available for a borrower. This along with speed and transparency is what makes Chris Kasmikha a Mortgage Lending Expert and sets him apart from all other Mortgage Professionals.

“I love helping people with the biggest financial transaction they will most likely ever have. As a direct lender, I have a ton of options and control for my clients by having my own underwriters and processors in house. We also underwrite directly to agency guidelines so do not have any extra hoops my clients have to jump through in order to get approved.”

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