USDA Loans

The USDA Loan* program aids mid to low-income households in owning homes in eligible rural areas, providing decent, sanitary, and safe housing opportunities.

With this loan, homebuyers can construct new homes, enhance existing properties, or relocate to rural areas. Approved lenders, like us, receive a 90% loan note guarantee from USDA, enabling qualified borrowers to benefit from a 0% down payment and the option to use gift funds for closing costs.

General Guidelines:

  • Eligible Rural Areas: USDA loans are specifically designed to help families in mid to low income households own homes in eligible rural areas.
  • Property Use: The loan can be used to build new homes, improve existing homes, or relocate to a home in a rural area.
  • Zero Down Payment: USDA loans require no down payment, making homeownership more accessible for qualified borrowers.
  • Closing Cost Gift Funds: Borrowers have the opportunity to use gift funds for closing costs, reducing the upfront expenses associated with buying a home.
  • Income Eligibility: USDA loans have income restrictions based on the household size and location. Applicants must meet the income requirements to qualify for the loan.