It was a pleasure working with Nadine. I love your energy and enthusiasm to make our refinance despite of the hindrance during the processing of our loan.  There are lots of bumps on the road. However, you made it all possible. I 100% recommend Nadine for any one who want purchase or refinance home. She is a definitely an heaven sent. I love working with you. I can’t thank you enough Nadine so much for making this happen. I really appreciate all your help and guidance to make this refinance approved. I couldn’t have done without your perseverance and willingness to help up make this happened.  Hope to work with you in the future and definitely recommend you to my friends and family if in case they want to purchase a home.

Sally Peregrino

Big thanks to Matt for getting my husband and myself a refi VA loan. It was quick, and so easy. Matt was there every step of the way. I appreciate all he’s done. When he says he can do it, he can.

Linda Jones

Nadine worked with me throughout my whole loan process. She was always there to answer all my questions. She was amazing to work with. I highly recommend Nadine.

Rosemary Russoniello

I am grateful to have found Nadine Savaia. She has been a god send to me. I was relieved to have a transparent and forthcoming loan officer. From the very beginning of my house buying adventure, she provided excellent service. She made getting pre-approved easy by explaining exactly what I needed to submit quickly. She kept me informed at all times. When thing came up or if any rates changed, she made sure to make it work for me. I believe Nadine is passionate and kind mortgage broker because she worked very hard to make sure I closed on my house. At every turn Nadine made herself available to accommodate my needs. I couldn’t have went through this process without her. She actually cared about my wellbeing and allowed me space and time to destress. She was there emotionally supporting me as I got frustrated with the issues that arose during this process. She assured me I would close on time and thankfully with her help I did. I couldn’t have imagined a better more caring and professional person to be my loan officer.

Stephanie Harris

Working with Nadine was a smooth process she guided me and my wife through the process and kept us informed every step of the way. I would definitely recommend Nadine and Texana to whoever could use their services. I was impressed Thank you for everything.


Walter Rogers

Wow!! No words to express how hard Nadine worked to get our loan approved. On days that we wanted to quit she was there to help us push forward and stay positive. Nadine is excellent at what she does. Extremely professional, timely, determined and knowledgeable. Nothing gets in her way! She works to make your dreams come true. Thank you, Nadine, and Texana Bank you will always have our business!

Thank you for everything.

Kelley & Matthew Bailey

I want to take this time and thank you Nadine for making this transition stress-free you are very professional and your work. Thank you for making this easy for me.😇

Rickey Ford

Matt is so great! He has always assisted with each task and followed up with the total project.  Matt has always shown respect for your vision as a customer.  He has always worked to get the best deal possible. I have referred people and the results are always the same, “Great.”

Myeaser Collins

We’ve worked with Matt to buy both of our homes, and each time, he’s made the experience as easy as possible. Any issue that has come up he always had 2 or 3 back up plans ready to go. When I would get stressed out, he remained calmed and helped by answering my questions and making sure I understood what was happening and what the next step would be. He always remained professional and was always available for me to call. I 100% recommend having him help you purchase your home!

Victoria Ballard

When I refinanced my home last year, I started with my then current mortgage holder. Matthew Ortiz contacted me after seeing I was interested – I am so glad he did. I ended up refinancing with him and received outstanding service and a great rate, and the process was explained thoroughly and accurately. There were no surprises, and I am very pleased with my current mortgage holder. I would rate him 11 stars out of 10.

Cary Martindale

As a first-time home buyer,  there are many more questions you have about everything than you could imagine. Donovan managed to not only answer all my questions knowledgeably and in a way that was easy for me to understand. He made the entire process from A-Z a seamless, pleasant experience and I would recommend him to all of my family and friends! Call Donovan for all your financing needs.


I am extremely pleased with the exceptional service provided by Matthew Ortiz our senior loan officer during my mortgage refinance. Their deep expertise and dedication were evident throughout the process. They ensured a seamless experience, answering all my questions promptly and guiding me step by step. Thanks to their efforts, I now have a favorable mortgage that meets my financial goals.

David Mollo

I am thoroughly impressed with the senior loan officer’s unwavering guidance throughout my mortgage process. Their consistently sound advice and impeccable judgment reassured me at every turn. I can confidently say that they never steered me wrong and always had my best interests in mind. Their expertise made the journey smooth, and I’m grateful for their reliable support.

Riccardo Maritato

Working with Nadine and texacana bank was a great experience they were able to maximize the amount of equity I was able to borrow from my property and still have a good rate even during bad times I would recommend it for anyone very experience and polite people to work with this transaction was smooth since it was handle by very experienced individuals like Nadine will definitely recommend to my friends and family.


Diordan Aberu

Donovan was referred to my husband and I by a colleague and I am so glad that we called him.  He helped us purchase our primary residence in 2021. This could have been a complicated experience as my husband was changing jobs and we were moving across the country. Donovan has worked with many physicians, so he was able to work with us using my husbands’ new contract.  By calling Donovan we were able to get a conventional loan and not have to use a physician loan which often comes with higher interest rates.  He was very responsive and knowledgeable plus he got us a fantastic rate.  He was also very organized and kept everyone on track to make sure our closing went smoothly and happened timely.  When my husband and I decided that we wanted to buy an investment property we called Donovan. Once again, he was extremely responsive.  The house we wanted to put in an offer on already had multiple offers, so we needed a pre-approval that day.  Donovan made it happen and we were able to put in an offer within a few hours.  He has been absolutely wonderful with explaining different products and options for rental properties. Donovan is first class professional who gives sound advice and has earned our trust for all our upcoming home purchases.  I highly recommend him for any mortgage needs.

Alexis Montgomery

Nadine, let’s see? I have had numerous mortgages over the years, both conventional and VA. You were by far the most professional, courteous, tenacious, (in a good way) person I have had the pleasure to work with. Fastest closing I ever had. Kept on top of everything and everyone involved. 5 stars ⭐️, absolutely. Would I recommend Nadine to my fellow veterans? Without a doubt. Complete trust, and I do not say that about many. In fact, very few. Thank you, Nadine, it was a pleasure!

Paul B

Loans By CK is an awesome company. Chris has a great team of experts who really go out of their way to help people through the process of buying a home. They are very responsive to any questions you have. If you’re looking to purchase a home I highly recommend going with Chris and his team as they will take great care of you!

Nic Holcomb

I was referred to Loans By CK and to contact Chris Kasmikha because he gets the job done. The process from start to finish was very easy and informative. Chris was always available to answer any question I had throughout the refinance process. Chris and his team were very professional, very competitive rates and the communication was excellent. I would not hesitate to use Chris and his team for all my mortgage needs!

Madalina Salajan

I had a great experience working with this team while buying my first home and during my refinance. Chris went above and beyond to make sure I understood the process and found me the best rate. The processing team was professional, quick and an ease to work with. I honestly felt like I barely had to lift a finger to get it done. Thank you, will recommend to others!

Heather Fisher

“Thank you Loans By CK for such a quick and easy close. Chris was amazing and kept me up to date regularly. Not only did he answer all my questions but usually before I even asked them. Not to mention he put a rush on the file and had me closed in under 20 days.”

Stefanie Awdish

First of all, I want to thank Nadine for being amazing and making the whole refinancing process fast and easy. Nadine was always there when needed and was super nice and friendly. I will definitely recommend Nadine to all my friends and family.

Dean Magana

Nadine Savaia best person to work for your mortgage or refinance needs she laid out all my options and helped me through every step, always helped even on her days off hands down the best person to work with.

Reynaldo Trejo

Nadine was great to work with, she helped get me through the entire home buying process which as a first-time buyer can be very intimidating. Nadine was able to answer all my questions in regard to my VA loan and guide me through each step. I highly recommend that if you are considering buying a home Nadine is the person to go to.

Ronald Ramirez

Nadine is an absolute professional…her knowledge… Caring and kindness thru my whole process of refinancing my home was flawless…I would recommend her to anyone.

Gregory Malavolti

Let me tell you, James is a loan officer superstar! He kept his cool and made the whole mortgage process feel like a walk in the park. With his impressive skills and smooth talk, James got me the best deal ever, and now I’m living the dream in my own home!


James is an absolute rockstar loan officer/branch manager who worked his magic to make my mortgage purchase a breeze. With his cool and collected demeanor, he expertly guided me through the process, simplifying complex financial concepts along the way. James’s exceptional knowledge of the mortgage market led to a fantastic deal with favorable rates and terms. His attention to detail and clear communication made the entire experience smooth and stress-free.


Working with James was an absolute delight! He’s a loan maestro who made my mortgage purchase effortless. James’s expertise and professionalism made the entire process smooth and stress-free. From the beginning, James simplified complex financial concepts and patiently guided me through each step. His cool and collected demeanor inspired confidence, and I trusted his advice implicitly. James’s knowledge of the mortgage market was impressive, and he secured a fantastic deal for me. He was meticulous in reviewing documents and kept me informed at every stage. His exceptional customer service and clear communication made the experience enjoyable. Thanks to James, I am now a proud homeowner. If you need a loan officer who delivers outstanding results, James is your go-to guy. He’s cool, knowledgeable, and dedicated to making your dreams a reality. Thank you, James, for your expertise and support in making my mortgage journey unforgettable!


Donovan was recommended to me by a good friend of mine when I first began my home buying process. He is personable and professional and has great communication. I am a first-time home buyer and Donovan has been patient with me and has given an excellent explanation of the necessary steps needed to complete the lending process. I found it easy and effortless to submit documents. I had the opportunity to work with other lenders by referral from different real estate agents I have worked with and chose to stick with Donovan because of his consistency in his work effort and ethics. Donovan not only communicates great with me but also with real estate buyer and seller agents as well as lawyers I have chosen to work with. When obstacles arise during the home buying process Donovan is ready and willing to help me navigate with ease. Although I was not able to purchase just yet I know I can trust Donovan will be ready when I am, and we will continue to work together until I find the perfect first home for my family. I would highly recommend Donovan to anyone looking to purchase a home knowing he will not disappoint. I’m grateful to know Donovan and to have worked with him and know that I can expect nothing but 100% from him. I feel he truly has my best interest, and his kindness is authentic and applaudable.

Kachina Eates, RN BSN

I Eric Robinson meet Donovan over a year ago when searching for a VA loan refinance. At the time my credit score was low and I was in bankruptcy Donovan advised me on steps to get qualified for the loan when other lenders had just turned us away. Throughout the past year, he would periodically call to follow up on my progress always being patient, polite, and very encouraging. in June of 2023 with the help of Donovan and his team my wife and I secured the loan all because of his hard work and dedication we are now living stress-free without the worry of losing our home. He has demonstrated to us that is caring very professional and willing to go beyond the 9 to 5 that he is paid for. I will continue to tell everyone about him and his work ethic, I’m sure he will continue to grow and be promoted within the company. He has been a blessing to us and I’m sure an asset to his team! Thank you again Donovan!!!

Eric and Jackie Robinson

Donovan Yaldo was my mortgage broker on my home that I purchased in 2021. I was referred to him by my real estate agent and could not have been more satisfied by the recommendation. He was exactly what I like out of a broker; accessible, knowledgeable, and straight-to-the point. He was easy to reach by both phone and email which is convenient for my work schedule. He was very knowledgeable about rates and potential changes that were occurring throughout the process. Lastly, Donovan was very straight-forward, and I appreciate any process in my life that doesn’t add extra steps or unnecessary correspondence. I would recommend Donovan without question to anyone looking to mortgage or refinance their home.


My partner and I purchased our home in 2020 and used Donovan to finance our home. With the fast pace of Covid and having to make decisions quickly, Mr. Yaldo was so informative and walked us through every step. He was always available anytime we had questions or concerns. He was very detailed and made sure that we got the best deal at the time. Since then, we have referred him to many friends and family members of ours and they have had a great experience with him as well.  For all your financing and refinancing needs call Donovan!


As a first-time home buyer, I couldn’t have asked for a more professional and efficient Person to have worked with to help guide me through everything I needed to know in order to get me through the process of getting a mortgage! Donovan provided excellent customer service, which we all know doesn’t exist anymore! He was constantly checking in with me and getting information that needed to be relayed to the seller and vice versa! You can tell Donovan definitely has a passion for what he does and the people he does it for, I can confidently say he will definitely be the only person I will ever work with for any future properties I go to purchase or even refinance!

Danny S.