No Income Mortgage

Community Mortgage offers a refreshing approach to underwriting that aligns with common sense.

This groundbreaking product aims to overcome regulatory restrictions that impede creditworthy borrowers from accessing loans by eliminating unnecessary documentation that does not directly contribute to the credit evaluation process.

With the goal of bridging the gap and resolving the challenges that hinder prime borrowers from obtaining credit, Community Mortgage stands out as an exceptional and unparalleled mortgage solution in the market.

As part of the credit underwriting process, the evaluation of a borrower’s character is essential. This assessment encompasses various aspects, such as reference letters, involvement in community activities, reputation, and, of course, credit history. In cases where certain borrowers have limited FICO scores (e.g., new immigrants, etc.) or FICO scores that are irrelevant or misleading (e.g., due to identity theft), a more tailored underwriting approach may be necessary. This approach considers alternative credit scoring methods and takes into account the borrower’s character to determine their reliability and the likelihood of repayment.

When it comes to income, borrowers who meet the eligibility requirements of Community Mortgage are not obligated to provide income documentation. As a result, income is not calculated or disclosed on the loan application (1008/URLA), and there is no debt-to-income ratio calculation as part of the program’s assessment of reasonable repayment expectations.

Regarding loan documentation, credit underwriting often adopts a “common sense” approach, utilizing alternative and compensating forms of documentation to evaluate the borrower’s reasonable expectation of repayment.


  • Income documentation not required
  • Income not stated
  • Credit underwritten based on LTV, FICO, and liquidity
  • Primary residence and second homes
  • Asset seasoning 30 days
  • Loan amounts up to $3 million
  • LTV up to 80% purchase/rate-and-term
  • LTV up to 70% cash-out
  • FICO beginning at 640
  • Debt consolidation = rate/term

Ideal For:

  • Self-Employed/Small Business Owner
  • Volatile or Irregular Income
  • Retired
  • Seasonal & Gig Workers
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Owners & Employees of Cash Businesses
  • Newly Self-Employed
  • Transitioning from Recent Health, Family,
    or Other Life Events
  • Looking to Tap Trapped Home Equity
  • Recent Immigration
  • Disqualified Income